4 Ways to Cultivate A Healthier You, Starting Now.

It’s time to set some intentions for a bigger, better more confident and empowered you this year. It’s time for change, re-birth, new beginnings & fresh starts – how good does that sound right now?

The question is, how will you intentionally choose joy in a year where joy hasn’t always been easy to navigate? How will you look at all parts of your wellbeing and check in on all parts of your health on a completely holistic level. It’s now time to treat your health a little differently, let me show you how in 4 simple steps.


We are so often held hostage by our inner critic, the voice inside our heads that tells us we aren’t good enough, aren’t capable enough, aren’t worthy of. Happy people are not held hostage by their circumstances and they do not seek happiness in people or possessions. Why not start with daily affirmations that are just for you. A favorite of mine is “I no longer rely on others to make me feel happy or secure” It’s essentially, an inside job and your abundance radiates out from within. It’s our job to re-wire those subconscious thoughts that aren’t serving us and override them with positive, empowering ones. You are stronger than your thoughts. The happiness to flow on from that comes from knowing you are always enough. Happiness starts with you and when you reframe the way you look at your happiness, it will start to feel different energetically.

How will you use your inner joy and positive outlook to inspire others today?


Your body is a gift, a temple – give yourself permission to feel safe, strong and beautiful in your own skin. It’s so important to look at strength over skinny. Making that shift will change the entire way you look at your body. Your body is capable of the most wonderful things, it’s so important to nurture that. Choose exercise daily that matches your energy, some days a light walk and some yoga stretches is what your body needs. Other days, you might feel ready to take on a huge run or pump class. Choose to move your body in ways that matches your energy so that you will consistently feel like the strongest and best version of you.

Beauty is a divine quality. Ask yourself, what if feeling beautiful wasn’t just the number on a scale but rather how strong and confident you feel?


Beautiful skin is so much more than the make-up you use every day. Make-up should be used to enhance features and give yourself an extra boost of self loving confidence rather than a mask. That is why your Skincare is so vital to your skins wellbeing because its 100% the natural you. You need to pay attention to your skin type – are the products you use match that? Arbonne has products for every skin type using completely natural and toxin free, vegan ingredients.

Also consider the fuel you are using to energise your body each and every day. Are you paying attention to your gut health? Are your eating enough whole clean foods and are these foods balanced?

Are you drinking enough water each day?

Consider making a food diary and then figuring out what you need more of. Arbonne’s nutrition range is perfect for busy people on the go. You will be amazed how the health of your skin is often derived from the food you eat.


There is happiness and fulfilment to be found in personal growth. You are not your mind, you are not your body, you are not your thoughts, you are your soul, you are free. Isn’t it empowering to know that in itself? When we let go of ego, of materialistic items and the stress surrounding the things that aren’t important in the long term our purpose becomes clear. We are in the flow.

We are all here to connect and heal. To know that you have intentionally devoted time and energy to personal improvement is one of the most satisfying feelings you’ll ever experience. This is Inner Peace, this is Bliss. Fill your cup with the things that inspire you and practice at least one act of self care each and every day. This could be exercise, a walk around the block or on the beach, meditation, prayer, reading, or listening to inspiring podcasts – whatever you need today to continue growing.

Find it. Practice it. Celebrate it.

I would love to connect and find out more about your story; your journey and the things you do every day to cultivate a healthier you.  Email me healthyself@lee-anne.com.au 

Deb Stephenson

Spiritual Teacher & Master Healer Therapist

Love Soul Healing

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