5 steps to cleansing your entire life, no matter the season.

We might be heading into wintery chilled days and frosted nights, but who says we can’t spring clean our lives any time of the year?

Often when we think “spring clean” we think de-cluttering. Open spaces & garbage bags filled with last season’s jeans and shirts we never wore. But maybe this year, we go one step further. What if, we could spring clean our entire existence including our wardrobes?

What if we could spring clean our mindset, any toxic relationships that we have been holding onto, our diet and nutritional choices, our skincare & beauty cupboards overflowing with eyeshadow you’ve owned since 1998, all of it.

2020 is the year to get this done and with an excess of toxic and fearful energy floating around the world right now, it’s time to take back control and choose to turn the page in our own world. It’s time to turn over to a newer, fresher, stronger, more inclusive and accepting mindful chapter – wouldn’t you agree?

Here are the 5 Ways I propose, we choose right now to cleanse our lives so that we can be more resilient, healthy, happy and filled with authentic joy, abundance and blessings for the year ahead.

STEP 1: Cleanse Your Gut

“You are what you eat” or I should rather say “You are what you absorb” and “Food will affect your mood”

Paying attention to how we fuel our bodies has truly never been so important. Letting go of fad diets that promote deprivation for a skinner version of you… 

I love the saying Heal They Self = Healthy Self.

Its not about skinny its about being healthy and feeling your best and this all starts in your gut.

This is the time for nurturing your health, by choosing better options for you because they FEEL good, not because you have to choose them. Poor gut health has the power to affect so much of how we function daily as human beings and poor digestion can lead to brain fog, zapped energy and headaches. A great place to start is swapping the addictive inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, refined sugar, soy, caffeine, excess alcohol and processed junk food with whole foods and supplementation. Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond Program is a great way to get your nutritional choices back on track and clear your body physically so that you can reset and start afresh. We all need more supplements to help boost our gut microbiome and these two products are my daily go to favorites – digestion plus and greens balance.

STEP 2: Cleanse Your Skin 

Did you know that 44% of Australian women don’t have a skincare routine. We get so busy and caught up in ensuring other sources in our lives are taken care of, that we forget to pay attention to our biggest organ. Second to that, for those of us that do have a skincare routine 67% do not read the labels the products we choose. It’s time to get savvy with our skincare choices and make the shift. Arbonne’s products are 100% vegan, free of toxins and are filled with hydrating and age reversing ingredients that plump the skin and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. They do so, naturally. Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Anti-Ageing Range is a cosmeceutical range packed with active ingredients, vitamins and peptides as well as orange stem cells to help reverse the signs of ageing. Arbonne also have skincare for everyone and whatever your main skincare concern we got it covered. Bio-Hydria for extra hydration. Super Calm for sensitive skin, Clear Future for Acne, RE9 Advanced Prepwork for 18-35’s.

STEP 3: Cleanse Your Tribe 

Toxic energy is a real thing. We are all made of energy. When our energy is stuck or blocked this will affect our health, our mindset and our relationships. It affects the way we interact; our ability to connect and converse confidently with others and can also affect the way we feel long term. So how can you cleanse your tribe? It starts with becoming mindful of the people that deplete your energy banks instead of adding to them. Think about who these people are, identify them and make a plan of how you can change your actions so that your energy is protected in the process. It’s not your job to fix and save all people but it is your job to take care of yourself and make your own wellbeing your #1 priority so that you can be the best version of yourself for those that need you most. Your vibe attracts your tribe. You will attract into your life not what you want but who you are.

STEP 4: Cleanse Your Space 

It’s a fact that when we declutter our physical space, we clear the clutter within our minds. Similar to having 100 tabs open on our computer and inside our brains at the same time. You don’t need to throw every single item in your home away it can start with the smallest of actions like unpacking that dusty box from underneath your bed or finally clearing items you don’t need from your desk. Start small & learn to let go of the physical items that aren’t serving you. You will be amazed with the clarity it brings. Let go of the old stuff which allows more space for you to receive new

STEP 5: Cleanse Your Mind 

When you have clarity and peace of mind, you automatically feel more confident in yourself. The magic question is how? Creating space is a great start and this might mean something different to each of us. Meditation is something I love to do daily as it allows me to clear space in my mind by going within and connecting to a higher source. By creating space, we make room for what matters. We create clarity on situations that previously may have clouded us. The answers you seek already are within you. Clarity in your mind allows you to respond better to situations instead of becoming instantly “reactive” It allows us permission to breathe. Instead of meditation you may choose exercise, walking, yoga, a hot bath filled with gorgeous calming essential oils or detox salts. Whatever you need to create “space”, make a daily commitment to yourself to do it. Change starts with you.

I would love to connect with you to discover what you love to do to cleanse your mind, body and skin. Send me an email here healthyself@lee-anne.com.au or contact me.

Deb Stephenson

Spiritual Teacher & Master Healer Therapist

Love Soul Healing

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