5 Ways To Up-Level Your Self-Nourishment This Year

What does it mean to you to Nourish yourself? For some, it’s absorbing your focus in a good book. For others, its cooking up home-cooked comfort food filled with all the natural, delicious goodness your body craves or daily exercise. Perhaps nourishment is in your sleep schedule or in the way you fill your cup after a stressful day. Perhaps your nourishment is in your purpose and your work. Here are 5 key ways that you can nourish yourself more holistically and more intentionally… starting now and into the future.


Here is a little science for you around the concept of happiness. Did you know that 95% of serotonin (the feel-good hormone) comes directly from your gut? Yet how many of us in recent years complain of digestion issues? We are living in a world of fast everything and we have come to want everything with a sense of urgency. This is your reminder not to fast-track the food you eat. Instead of habitually choosing a cheeseburger or frozen pizza, choose your nourishment mindfully and choose it with the intention of keeping your optimal health and vitality.

How can you expect to feel happy, clear and open to all the best things in life when you are consistently choosing food that drains your nourishment?

Arbonne’s range of vegan, non GMO, plant based and gluten free nutritional products have been designed to support a holistic approach to your overall health & wellbeing.


How do you pay attention to your body’s largest organ aka, your skin? It’s so easy to become too busy & too tired to pay attention to what goes onto your skin on a daily basis however it’s time to wake up, check the labels and ingredients and consider how harmful some of the chemicals found in skincare products can be. It takes just 26 seconds for toxins to be released into the bloodstream and these toxins are found in countless products consumers are buying under the illusion that they are safe every single day.

Arbonne have done the work to ensure there are zero nasty chemicals in any of their products, they ban 2000 toxic chemicals plus their entire range is 100% vegan certified, gluten free and are not tested on animals.

It’s in the small things. It’s remembering to take your makeup off before you go to bed. It’s nourishing your skin with products that are pure, safe, beneficial and nontoxic. Its educating yourself better.


2020 has not been the ideal year on a global scale, let’s be real. In 2020, we have been forced to come to terms with some intense disappointments. Events cancelled, families separated, children home-schooled, plans put on hold, crystal clear dreams were suddenly an uncertainty. It’s been tough and our mindset’s have taken the brunt on a cellular level. All of a sudden, happiness is harder to attain and this year we have had to learn to work harder to keep our heads above water. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible and now could be the time to make the shift that you need to escape the funk. We have to take 100% responsibility for where we are at and this includes our relationships. Stop blaming and take your power back. Work on yourself if you want to change and, in this way, you can improve your reality. Every single thing in life starts with your thoughts and they subsequently flow into our actions. Your actions flow into your subconscious belief system and the thoughts that guide you.

It sounds like too big of a mountain to climb right? What if you could use the “Flip it technique” to trick your brain.

It’s as simple as making the commitment to pay attention to your thoughts first and then letting our system do the rest. Re-wire every single negative thought pattern with a positive one and the rest will flow – I promise. The practice starts with you and you have to choose it for yourself.

“Happiness is the new rich. Inner Peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.”

We are all human, which means at times we all come face to face with fear (ego) We become fearful when we are overwhelmed and this could be related to expectations from others, work commitments or family schedules. Often, we create our own overwhelm and the pressure we place on our own set of shoulders can become so heavy that it becomes hard to breathe. This is where digging deep and nourishing your soul is so important, but here is the secret – to do so, you must go within. This is more than eating a healthy meal or moving your body. This is tapping into the essence of your passion, your reason for being, your belief system and ultimately the thing that grounds you to the life that you’ve chosen for yourself. Some ways that you can connect with your soul to show it a little love is simply by creating a small space & a little quiet. Take 5-10 minutes each day to create space to visualize your joy and what lights you up inside. Breathe intentionally through the barriers that might be coming up for you. Re-connect with your reason and make this a practice.

As you are a human being – BE –ING – You have to BE first before you can do or have.  The answers are within you. You are whole. You are complete. You are source energy.  You are unconditional love, peace and wisdom

You are not your mind, you are not your thoughts, you are not your body – you are your soul, you are free- you are limitless

“I am relaxing. I am replenishing. I am nourishing, me.”

Who are the people in your life that light you up? For some of us our family are the people that genuinely fill our cups with love, joy, laughter and positivity. For others, those people need to be found. Whoever that is for you this is your reminder that you are allowed to be selective with your connections. Your energy is precious and only those that lift you up (and visa-vera) should be allowed to tap into your joy, access to your life, your time and your space. Re-consider toxic energies in your life, relationships that aren’t serving you and those that drain your energy bank rather than fill it up. Select the connections that make you hungry for life, make you feel alive and nourish your wellbeing.

Starting now, choose to be the energy you want to attract in your life, be authentic, be compassionate and choose to operate every single thing you do from a space of love & kindness.  Life is too short to operate without feeling joy and love every single day of your life on some level, even on the days that are less than perfect. Often, we need to heal ourselves and our own relationships to create these incredible connections.

So, whatever nourishment means to you, its personal and you can apply as little or as much of the above as you like. Whatever you decide I hope you choose it with intention. I hope you choose it because you choose to change unhealthy habits that are no longer serving you. This year is officially the year we redesign the way we nourish ourselves, expand the ways we take care of ourselves and up level our wellbeing.

Be Healthy. Be Beautiful. Be You!


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Deb Stephenson

Spiritual Teacher & Master Healer Therapist

Love Soul Healing

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