Enlighten My Health

Enlighten My Health

Sydney Australia


My name is Marcelle Maisel and I am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. In my life BK (before kids) I was a pharmacist but have now swung in the total opposite direction. The time I spent working as a pharmacist, provided me with an understanding of how medications can affect one’s body. This knowledge led me to where I am today, working in an area that looks at preventing the CAUSE of disease as opposed to just treating the SYMPTOMS of disease.

Sometimes it can be helpful to have the assistance of a knowledgeable advisor to guide you through the process of reaching your goals. It’s also helpful to have someone keep you accountable on your journey and help you get back on track when needed.

I work with menopausal women who are finding that those hormone changes are making them overeat like crazy and wish they could get their urges to eat under control and focus on feeding their body what it truly needs so that they can feel amazing in their own skin.

My clients learn to adopt a mindful attitude to the way they live and to the healthy choices they make. I aim to encourage them to live according to a health plan (which they create) and to not merely let their health happen to them.


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