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Lets talk about the Money

Money can be one of the most awkward conversation topics on the planet.
Everyone has an opinion about it – you shouldn’t tell anyone what you are paid in your job, do you think Mary around the corner is ’showing off’ driving her fancy new car, did you see the Jones’ new house, I can’t believe Jen and Mike are off on yet ANOTHER trip overseas, they must be LOADED.

Sound familiar?

Because of all ^^ THAT we’re basically walking around talking about money in hushed tones, worrying that we’ve offended or insulted someone by discussing money or income, even if its simply through being excited about an upcoming trip you’ve spent YEARS saving and planning for.

We all have money stories that go way back to our childhood, things we’ve been told or overheard our parents, teachers and friends say. They may seem fairly benign but they can take root and have a massive impact on how we view money throughout our lives. We live in fear of what others will say about us, that we’ll lose our friends and family if we become wealthier, or that we’ll price ourselves out of the market and lose all our clients.

A few years back I uncovered my own money story. I grew up in a fairly wealthy family of entrepreneurs. My grandfather was quite the visionary, he always had ideas and dreams to test out and see if they worked. Some did and they made him a LOT of money through his lifetime. Some ended up as pipe dreams, unable to get off the ground due to regulations and funding. That entrepreneurial spirit flowed through to my uncles, my Mum and my Dad, who all had their own businesses. Overall we didn’t struggle, we certainly didn’t go hungry. Of course there were some lean times, but there was always another way to make more money.

When I was 7 years old my parents and grandparents took my brother and me to the US and Canada. We spent 6 weeks in a camper van, exploring some amazing places and experiencing all there was to offer. As a 7 year old MY big focus was that I was going to Disneyland, not once but TWICE – a visit at each end of our trip. Of course I was obsessed with all things Disney at that age, everything about Disneyland was magical and amazing!

When you’re 7 years old you’re pretty excited about things like that, right? My excitement must have triggered an older kid, who snapped at me one day with “You Campbell kids are so spoilt, you get EVERYTHING!!”

I was HORRIFIED. To me, spoilt meant you’re an obnoxious brat, demanding and rude. Thats certainly not me now, and it wasn’t me back then. I was just skipping through life being happy, and doing whatever made others happy as well. But I took that feedback to my 7 year old heart, and from that moment forward I lived by the story of “I don’t need a lot, I just need enough, so people won’t think badly of me.”

It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I uncovered this money mindset I had created. Yep, 7 year old me controlled the finances FOR YEARS, always earning enough, always coming up with a way to live comfortably, but never enough to truly THRIVE. And because its not something that ultimately serves me, it doesn’t make me happy, and it certainly doesn’t make me feel the way I want in life, I’ve worked on overriding it with a new money mindset.

You might have heard the quote “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” Lets put a fresh spin on this with “How you do MONEY is how you do everything”, a philosophy shared by my money mentor, Kendall Summerhawk. Money impacts every aspect of our lives, whether we like it or not.

Money is energy. Its time we shifted that energy from feeling a bit weird and icky about it, keeping it under wraps and not talking about it, to feeling awesome, light, excited… and happy.

Money can’t buy happiness, that is true. But having more money, being paid what you’re worth in your career or business, is a great way to feel more comfortable, safer. When you feel safe you create space to also feel happy. And with greater happiness comes MORE money, especially if what you’re doing is perfectly aligned with who you are. You can’t help but be happier, and that magic rubs off all around you. People want to know about your happiness, they want to create some of it for themselves. And they’ll happily pay you money to show them how.

Having more money can’t buy happiness, but it does help create it. And it all starts with knowing your money mindset and personality – because how you do money, is how you do everything.

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