Looking and Feeling Your Best On Your Wedding Day

The Secret on how to glow from within on your wedding day.

Have you ever seen a bride walk down the aisle and say to yourself “WOW, she is glowing!” I’m sure you’ve heard the expression; beauty comes from within. Whilst this saying is true, it’s never been truer than on your wedding day but here is the thing, it’s not just about the dress you choose or the make-up style you go with.

What if it is a process? A choice.

With huge levels of excitement and anticipation for your day, can also come overwhelm and so many brides get so consumed with the perfect organisation of every single detail. They forget to focus on what is important… their health and how they FEEL inside.

The secret hack? Take care of your body, mind and soul in the lead up to your day and you will glow beautifully, rain, hail or shine.

Here are some of my quick tips on how to show up as the bridal goddess you deserve to be and to feel confident and beautiful inside too….

1. Ready, Set, Glow.

Pay attention to your skin – Love the skin your are in not only on your big day but also before and beyond your day. Glowing skin comes from consistent hydration and choosing the right cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye creams and serums that match your skin type and more so, products that nourish your skin.  Arbonne’s products are completely vegan, botanically based with toxic free chemicals, with zero nasties and not tested on animals. There are different skin ranges for all skin types and even a Skin Elixir vegan collagen that you can drink every night before bed to help support the production of more collagen in your gut to give you radiant skin.  Try the RE9 Prepwork Eye Gel Masks for an instant eye lift before and on the big day! This product works like magic – taking away puffy dark circles giving you an instant eye lift, perfect before your makeup application.

2. You are what you eat.

Food is fuel, right? So, there is no better time to pay attention to what you eat.  Check Out the Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living. Par back on greasy foods and start to genuinely treat your body with a little love. Pay attention to what you consume and more so – how do these foods make you feel. This is not just about fitting into the perfect dress (whilst that’s a bonus!) More importantly, it’s about nourishing yourself and balancing your gut health to make you feel your absolute best. Arbonne’s incredible range of Plant-based protein powders can be teamed with almond milk, berries, banana and chia seeds to create the most nutritious and delicious super food smoothies or smoothie bowls. Delicious and good for you, what’s not to love?

3. Mind, body, soul.

Taking little time for you is absolutely essential and whilst a gorgeous pedicure is lovely, what if we paid attention to our bodies and minds in unison. It’s time to dig a little deeper. Try getting up a little earlier each day, making a delicious cup of Herbal tea and taking in the morning before the world wakes up. Meditate each day, pay attention to what is happening in your head.  If this doesn’t come easy to you, then just close your eyes and focus on your heart and your breath.  If you listen it actually sounds like the waves of the ocean coming in out, slowly and effortlessly. Often when we quiet the noise in our minds, the rest of the chaos around us falls into place with so much more ease.  You will tap into your own inner gifts and calmness and this will set you up for the day and keep you more centered. Do this with your partner as a joint activity – time out together, separate from all the chaos and distractions.

Exercising each day even for 30 minutes is great way to de stress and clear the mind, even if it’s just getting out into nature for a walk or stroll along the beach. Soak your feet in the sand and feel the earth, grounding is a wonderful way to reconnect and recharge the soul. Especially fitting for brides-to-be in frantic wedding planning mode. Take some time for you, whatever that means for you. Give yourself some space. Breathe.

4. Be authentically YOU.

At the end of the day, your partner met and fell in love with you. On your big day don’t try to be like anyone else but YOU! Choosing a dress, hair and make-up that is authentic and naturally you are more important than anything. You want to feel like your best self on your wedding day not a completely different person! Choose a team of professionals for your day that are aligned with this. Choose Make-Up artists like myself that use products that have no nasty chemicals, looks good, feels good, long lasting and enhances your natural aesthetics. Arbonne makeup is my personal favourite for all these reasons. It also photographs beautifully.

Be authentically and unapologetically you, today and every day. You are a Queen. Own it.

5. The day before.

Make sure you get lots of sleep and eat light meals the day before. Hydration is key – a minimum of 2L of water and calming Herbal tea will soothe your gut and help you feel relaxed and ready for the huge day ahead of you. Switch off a little the night before & rest easy with a soothing and hydrating face mask, the Arbonne Rescue and Renew Detox Mask is divine OR The RE9 Overnight Jelly is delicious on the face.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your wedding day. When you feel good inside you emit that on the outside and the choice is yours, it won’t just happen all by itself!  Be present

To look and feel your best, make sure to plan the important things in advance not to be stressed later, and take care of yourself and your life partner and the rest will fall into place – I hope these tips will help you feel your absolutely best on your big day and beyond.

More importantly, Be Healthy. Be Beautiful.Be You.

I would love to connect with you in person to find out about how I can add value to support you on this journey leading up to your special day.

Please reach out here.

Deb Stephenson

Spiritual Teacher & Master Healer Therapist

Love Soul Healing

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