Make-up Is A Mask

When you wake up each morning and look at your reflection in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Do you genuinely look at that person and think she’s beautiful? Most of us, in all honestly do not. Some wash their face, stare back at the make-up free face in front of them and think “I will be less scary with a little concealer and few lashes of mascara.”  It is a very real and natural way to think as a woman. 

We critically and silently inspect our under-eye bags that seem a little darker than yesterday and prod at those new lines that seem to have manifested overnight. You contemplate a new miracle night cream and make a mental note to investigate the best anti-aging creams. I know this, because I was you. 


60% of women describe themselves as ‘fairly average and nothing special’, when asked how they rate their natural beauty. Even more surprising, only 2% of women said they would describe themselves as ‘gorgeous’. 


As much as many of us don’t want to believe this, the way we speak and think of and to ourselves, becomes who we are and showing up as the most authentic version of yourself is no easy feat but one all women should attempt to master and here is why… 

Many women use make-up to face the world with a level of confidence propped up by their aesthetics, and whilst I have a love and admiration of make-up — I believe we need to re-train our minds into a state of genuine self-love before applying or relying on make up as a mask. 

Did you know that 1 in 3 women choose not to leave the house without make-up, and especially not without foundation on? It’s been scientifically proven, that women feel a boost of safety and confidence when wearing make-up. It makes us feel more equipped to take on the world and show up with a smile. 

Make-up is an amazing tool and it can even be used as a form of self expression. When we feel a little bold, rocking a bold red lip can help us show up proudly with a little sass and glamour. When we are feeling natural and vibrant, a peachy glow and glossy lip can give us a boost of confidence. There is nothing wrong with that… 

50% wouldn’t face work without a full face of make-up which is tells me, we have lost ourselves a little. Where do we draw the line and when do we start being un-able to show up without make-up? When do we loose sight of our authentic selves? When do we begin to tell ourselves that we aren’t enough, just as we are? 

Comparison is the death of joy and women especially in a digital age of social media compare themselves daily on multiple levels. The Mum who appears to have it all together and fits her jeans immediately after giving birth, the girl with amazing hair, the woman with beautiful skin every single day. It’s difficult not to compare ourselves to these people. The reality is – it isn’t reality. 

Life and people and imperfect and the highlight reel shown to us on our news feeds supports a fake reality. Real people cry, real people don’t love themselves every day, real people are imperfect. 

What if, we could take a step each day to change the way we look and think about ourselves – no matter what state we are in? Then, what if the way we love ourselves could change our relationship with make-up as a result. We could choose self-love and confidence over perfection and open up an entirely new world. 

Make-up could become an amazing resource rather than a necessity or a crutch to lean on. It could enable us to feel fabulous, look glamorous, give us a little boost in confidence and make us smile a little brighter instead of acting as a mask to hide behind. Imagine how beautiful we could feel if we loved ourselves first from inside and then used make-up to enhance our beauty rather than hide behind it. 

Overcoming your insecurities isn’t about telling the world how much you love yourself. It’s about believing you are beautiful as a whole, even if you are made up of imperfect parts. Perfection shouldn’t be the goal – confidence and self-love should. 

How freeing and beautiful is that? Be healthy, be beautiful, be you.

Deb Stephenson

Spiritual Teacher & Master Healer Therapist

Love Soul Healing

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