Moving from the Darkness into the Light

Hi All, It’s Mel here,

When Lee-Anne asked me to write this blog it took me so long to do so and each time I came to write, total mental block and resistance.  Purely because I was trying to write in manner that does not come natural to me.  I was trying for my words to fit in a format and structure that was deemed to be how a professional practitioner would write. I am that practitioner in person and when seeing clients but for some reason in this moment, I’ve opted to share a bit of realism with you.

The hot topic of the year, COVID-19.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it.  Please don’t mistake my tone to mean that I am not acknowledging the seriousness of the matter or those that have really fallen on hard times and the ones that have lost loved ones during this period.  I mean I’m sick of the pressure to make sure I’m and everything I touch is always anti-bac. The constant in your face information and the fact that no matter where you turn someone is talking about it, reading about it or posting it somewhere. I’m not liking the fact that I am writing about it as well. What happens after all this? Can you really expect that things are going to go back to normal?  Now even spending time with family is worrying and it’s becoming a full time job to navigate where everyone has been, who they’ve been in contact with and when this is all over should social distancing continue? The question that has run through my mind and maybe yours as well, what happens if I unknowingly had it and passed it on? This alone has caused great anxiety and stress which in the overall picture, you don’t want to be putting your body through right now.  It seems that a mild case of an STD is more accepting to have these days rather than the current virus but hang on, I guess no one has that right now because there is no touching allowed.

What we don’t realise is that human touch is quite necessary to the survival of humans.  I’m not talking just sensual touch but human touch in general.  Touch is even one of our 5 senses and where we would be without it.  An article written for the website reveals a study conducted in the 1950’s by Harry Harlow on the effects of isolation and the importance of touch.  Part of the study was that they isolated two baby monkeys in separate cages for some time and had no other contact from anyone or anything.  When they came to get the baby monkeys out of the cage, rather than have their mothers waiting for them, they created 2 artificial representations of mothers.  One made of wire carrying a bottle of milk and the other made of fluffy, cuddly material.  You would think the babies went for the actual milk but in fact they went for the cuddly fluffy material.  That shows a little bit of insight of what we value more to our survival.

In another article on posted in Sept 2019 talks about a condition known as “Touch starved”. It states that scientists discovered there is a nerve ending that recognises gentle touch. C-tactile afferents is what they are called and the best way to induce oxytocin “the love hormone”, is to touch a 3-5cm area per second.

In this article it does state that being touch starved lowers your life span and some symptoms or signs that you are potentially have it are:

  • Feelings of depression
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Low relationship satisfaction (I took this one to mean either with yourself and/or your partner)

Being that I love a good hug and quite a social person, you might have guessed it, I’m probably a bit touch starved myself, missing a hug from another human.  So, a good hug from mum might be the key to help me get back on track.  Until that can happen, how is that I’ve remained sane during this time and what is that I am looking forward to the most once this whole thing is over.

Well, there is only so much Netflix you can watch in one day, let alone a week.  Everyone has already told you to meditate, keep in contact via Phone or Skype with loved ones, get creative and so forth.  But there are a few other things that I’ve been doing that you might need as well because if you are doing what the experts suggest and it’s not working, its time to go deeper.

Kinesiology – For those that don’t know, Kinesiology is about re-balancing your energy source, Chi or Prana, using non-invasive techniques so your body is kick starting its own innate intelligence to heal. This non-invasive technique is called muscle- testing.  The muscle- testing is what we use to get the root-cause of your condition or issue and knowing the root-cause is where we can put in place the action that is required to heal.

Kinesiology for me has been a lifesaver, it really does help me to understand my thoughts, my life and who I am as a person so much better.  It is my number one go to for physical, emotional and spiritual support.  When I am finding myself in a bit of meltdown, after meditating to get me centred, I use muscle-testing to understand why is it that I had this meltdown or found it so hard to write this blog?  If you are wanting to know how to do muscle testing for yourself, you can go to my website, and download the free video on “How to Self- test at home”.

Essential Oils – I am an Essential Oil lover and not a day goes by without me using my essential oils. Never have I come across a product that addresses all 3 sides of the Triangle of Health. Physical, Emotional and Environmental.  The aim of the Triangle of Health is keeping all sides balanced and equal.  Doterra essential oils are my go-to being that they are pure, therapeutic grade and they are 100% essential oil.  The ones that seem to be in recurrence for me is Frankincense, Wild Orange, Rosemary, On Guard and Easy Air.  All these oils do have varying emotional components to them. For simplicity, they are keeping me grounded, uplifted, helping with the transition (we are all going through one right now), they are keeping me protected and opening my airways for a deeper breath and more relaxation. To help with not having a lot of human touch now, the one way I’m combatting that is to apply these oils all over my body every morning and every night.  This could be apart of your shower or getting dressed routine.

Connecting with your Angels/Guides or Higher Power – Whether this is through prayer or meditation knowing that there is a Higher Power keeping you safe can be very comforting.  It takes the pressure off yourself thinking that you must do it all on your own and come up with the answers.  It was through a friend that I was told that you could ask your Higher Power for help with anything.  It might not get delivered in the way you expected but it will be delivered for exactly what you need in that moment.  Prayer and Meditation is part of my daily routine.  Wherever I can, I insert it in my day.  It might while driving or in the morning or just before I go to sleep.

Journaling – This is an easy but powerful tool to have in your toolbox. I conduct a radio show every week called “The Hummingbird Talks”.  Each week I have different practitioners on sharing their expertise in the Health and Wellness industry.  I always ask them to give a take-away for the listeners and the most common take-away is journaling.  It is a powerful tool to do weekly, if not daily.  You might be really overwhelmed, stressed out and anxiety levels on high.  Journaling could help you get back to being emotionally balanced. Reason being, you got all your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.  It’s in the writing of those thoughts that you might come up with some answers to your current situation and it’s also very therapeutic.  You will find that when you start journaling its all the negative stuff coming out first but then you can flip the story and start writing about what you want to create. There is a Mindvalley Youtube clip with Patrick Grove, the 7th Richiest Man in Australia, discussing how he journaled to get rich! He flipped the story from “why is this happening to me?” to “how can I make this better?” Journaling might be the start of your millions!

So, above is a few things that could help during this time but what about after?  What are you looking forward to the most?

At this point, restrictions are lifting and there is no better time to start to journal and write about what you want less of and what you want more of in your new life.   My beautiful friends have mentioned that they have loved this time of isolation because it made them reflect and be more grateful for the life that they’ve had and create a more gentle approach rather than just being busy all the time.

The other great thing is that you have been through one of the toughest times of our era.  Personally, Economically, socially and Spiritually.  It has built more strength and resilience within yourself and its taught you that you can get through anything.

I am looking forward to leaving the house and going where I like without having to think about who I’ll be in contact with and carrying the stress of this current situation.  I am also looking forward to catching up with family and friends. This time has been part of the process for us to raise our vibrations, come back to rational thinking and most of all, come back to love.  That is a future I am looking forward to!

Education equals Empowerment, Love Conquers All!

Have fun and Share the Love

Mellissa Melhem
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