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The Power To Choose You Starts Here

Did you know? Less than 20 per cent of women in Australia manage to find time each day for themselves?

How easy is it to let your own health and wellbeing slip into the too hard basket? Self-care is a buzz word at the moment and whilst I love the notion of self-care, I believe the REAL notion of self-care has become a little lost amongst the lavender baths and body scrubs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a body scrub and treating yourself to a little luxury and time out every now and again is good for the soul. However, the real self-care is so much more.

The real self-care is a choice to take control of your overall health – body, mind and soul.

It’s choosing to see the doctor for those uncomfortable checkups however badly you want to go have a coffee and sit on the couch instead.

It’s choosing to invest in products for your body that are good for you not necessarily the cheapest and filled with chemicals and nasties.

It’s choosing to pay attention.
“Self-care is not an “emergency response plan” to be activated when stress becomes overwhelming. Instead, it is an intentional way of living by our values, attitudes, and actions and integrating them into our day- to-day routines.”
Life gets busy, so we put our hearts and souls into our families, our work and the day to day. Then, suddenly we catch ourselves in the mirror and don’t recognise who we are anymore.

The red flags are everywhere. It can happen in the form of falling asleep the minute your head hits the pillow, exhausted and overworked. It’s waking up feeling groggy after a full night’s sleep. It’s poor gut health and digestion. Its break-outs and blemishes, mood swings and lack of motivation.

My goal in life is to freeze people in this moment of overwhelm and monotony and help them to realise that pausing to take charge of their health and choosing their wellbeing is not just essential to them but a super empowering and powerful thing for everyone around them.

That is where the magic happens. It happens in your choices. We seem to have forgotten that your health is a choice. Of all the things that you cannot control, you can choose to take charge of you.

So, the big question after you realise you need a shift is — Where to begin?

The answer is, there is no perfect place to start but starting and taking the first step, is key. Your choices start in the small decisions, they grow as you maintain momentum and the flourish as you begin to see yourself look, feel and act differently as a result. The choices don’t even need be big. Sometimes we look at a goal and it seems so big, scary and far away that starting seems impossible.

Today, I want to encourage you to take the first step. However small or insignificant – I urge you to take action. I want you to choose something & take a leap in the right direction.

Choosing consciously to fuel your body with nutrient rich food, drinking water each day, sticking to a skincare routine, doing some exercise or even walk in nature… Its choosing where and how to spend your time and energy and who you surround yourself with. It starts with choosing what you read, listen to and watch. That in itself is pretty powerful and empowering isn’t it?

Once you realise you can choose, the power to transform into the most productive, healthy, happy, beautiful version of you – is just a few steps away and the best part is that it’s already in you – you just need to activate it.

Every day when you wake up you have the power to choose how you will respond to every situation. You have the choice to be a victim or victorious.


Take the leap – be healthy, be beautiful, be you.
Deb Stephenson

Spiritual Teacher & Master Healer Therapist

Love Soul Healing

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