Toxic Beauty – It’s Time To Dish The Dirt

It has been an interesting year so far & the sudden changes to our lives & everyday freedom has many of us wondering… “What REALLY matters to me?” The situation has stirred up emotions inside of us that have forced us to consider our priorities and our values.

I have never felt so grateful and appreciative for the things that have always surrounded my life. My family, my friends, mentors, and of course, my health. The choices I make contribute to my health and vitality and that is a priority in the way in which I live my life. It should be a priority for all of us.

When did we get too busy that we stopped paying attention to what we fuel our bodies with?

When did we forget to take conscious action?

When did we put investing in our holistic health on the total back-burner?

When did we become so complacent in the choices that contribute to our wellbeing?

If you are guilty of opting into the most inexpensive shampoo’s and body washes because they are on sale, you are not alone. A recent study showed that 66% of women in Australia opt into the cheapest skincare available on their supermarket shelves and 71% do not read or understand the labels.

So the big question is, what if we knew better? When we know better, we do better and I believe it starts with you and it starts today. 2020 is your year to get savvy when it comes to the choices you make for your health.

Did you know, the average person uses 9 personal care products every single day? I counted myself and am using around 15 products!! We are exposing ourselves to about 515 different chemical ingredients by doing so. These are not tiny, trace amounts of contaminants, they are substantial. Many of these chemical ingredients bioaccumulate, meaning that they build up in tissue. These chemicals are making us sick.

Some toxic chemicals are easy to notice – But the toxic chemicals in personal care products are usually much trickier to detect, and some aren’t noticeable at all. It’s officially time to wake up.

Personal care products are made with over 10,000 chemical ingredients, some of which are linked to cancer, damage the reproductive system, or disrupt the endocrine system. Carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and allergens are lurking in the majority of personal care products including Formaldehyde which has been linked to cancer, often added as a preservative in soaps and shampoos. Parabens which have been proven to alter natural hormone balances & chemicals like Triclosan disrupt the thyroid and reproductive hormones. These chemicals are just the ones we know about and are truly just the tip of the iceberg.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body so when we smear all these toxic products all over our body what happens is that the toxins are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream in 26 seconds. That’s all it takes.

@Arbonneaunz is a breath of fresh air within the beauty and health industry by leading the way in tearing down the world filled with an excess of Toxic Beauty. The company prides itself on having a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellbeing, focusing on the whole person from the inside and out. They do this by embracing the mind-body-skin connection.

Arbonne innovate using plant-based ingredients grounded with science with high standards for safety. Formulations are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free, without gluten. They adhere to the highest ethical standards guided by a stringent ingredient policy, called the Not Allowed List, that prohibits over 2000 ingredients.

The range is not only for just your skin, there are products for everyone – men, woman, babies, kids but also includes makeup and essential oils, gut health and overall nutrition. As an official B Corporation, Arbonne have become trailblazers in the lid on what is really in your products so that people can make real, educated choices. As a B Corp it also means they are one of the top 5 companies certified in the personal care segment and are held to higher standards across multiple measures of accountability including environmental impact, customer welfare and social impact.

If there ever was a time to end old habits and start afresh it is now. More than anything, educating yourselves on the ins and outs of toxic products that occupy space on most shelves in Australia and around the world is key into making decisions that work for you and your family. It’s time to be educated and to make a shift so that no matter what your health and the health of your family is always number one. @Arbonne is a vehicle to help you and I do that, both now and into the future.

Your health starts with the choices you make from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you go to sleep at night. It is something you can choose in a world currently filled with uncertainty and fear. This is something you can own. It’s time to Be Healthy, Be Beautiful & Be You.

I would love to connect with you to help you with your own journey of inner and outer transformation.

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Deb Stephenson

Spiritual Teacher & Master Healer Therapist

Love Soul Healing

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