My journey with essential oils began when I was introduced by a friend who had a business with DōTERRA. I knew very little about oils, their uses or benefits. I decided to invest in a couple of oils mainly to diffuse around my home but soon discovered that these oils were way more powerful to help heal the body holistically and a natural alternative to medication.

Scientific research supports the use of essential oils to treat pain relief, inflammation and many other health conditions including anxiety and depression. I found from my own personal experience by using the oils on myself and my family that I was able to manage conditions for migraines, headache, colds, and flu, tight chests, aches and pains, nausea, tummy ache, vertigo, restful sleep, anxiety, and the list goes on. I learned that oils can relax you, calm the mind and be helpful in your self-care routine and meditation.

There are even combinations of oils that I made to help support me with my own personal journey and daily routine including self-love, abundance, detoxing my body, staying focussed and emotions. Healing emotions with essential oils is a huge topic in summary. Oils can assist in healing the physical body, assist in healing the heart, assist in releasing limiting beliefs as well as increasing spiritual awareness and connection and lastly inspiring the fulfillment of our life purpose.

So easy to use – topically, aromatically or digest them. I love them as a fragrance or perfume and cook with them too. Add a drop to any dish to give flavor, use in baking, add to your daily smoothie, make a lemon, lime or citrus water.

I was shown that I could replace my toxic household cleaners with pure essential oils by using the products to make air fresheners, surface sprays, toilet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, dryer balls and use the oils to clean my fridge, washing machine, microwave, and oven clean fruit and vegetables. This was so super exciting as I finally could embrace reducing the toxic chemicals being used in my own home. While we can’t get rid of all environmental toxins, we can be more aware and be proactive in making small changes just around the home.

I have always been fascinated with crystals and thanks to Emily Petherbridge from Little Spines and Essential to Health discovered there is a strong connection between crystals, chakras, and oils. After doing an oil and crystal workshop with Emily, these are my favourite combinations. These are my 3 favourite crystal and oil combinations.

The crystal Citrine which is yellow is known as the abundance stone. Joyous warm and energizing. It helps raise your self-esteem and increase mental focus. It also aids in the alignment with the higher self. A beautiful combination is pairing this stone with the oils Wild Orange, Ginger, and Patouchli for manifesting.

Carnelian which is orange to red in color is all about motivation, focus, memory, grounding. It gives courage and promotes positive life choices. Pair this with Peppermint oil, InFocus blend or Motivate.

Rose Quartz is the pink love stone – it’s all about unconditional love and infinite peace. This stone balance heals and rejuvenates the emotions, encouraging compassion, harmony, and self-love by opening the heart at all levels and brings deep inner healing. If you are wanting to strengthen empathy and be more accepting to yourself and change then this is the stone for you. Paired with the oils rose, jasmine, bergamot or neroli, you will fall in love.

I now have an oil for everything and if you haven’t yet discovered the world of oils, I challenge you to be open-hearted and give them a go, it will change your life.



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