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I loved doing the Arbonne 30 day cleanse and using the products that come with it. They’re easy to use, fit into my daily routine well and taste so great! I’m totally addicted to the Fizz sticks.

Before I started the cleanse, I felt tired all the time and very sluggish - I could also afford to lose a few kg’s. Although my diet wasn’t overly bad to begin with, there were definitely parts that needed changing. I really wanted something that was easy to stick to and gave me obvious results.

I definitely found it with Arbonne! After just a week I was feeling more energetic and I found it super easy to stick to the food requirements and recommendations. My consultant, Lee-Anne was so helpful and supportive in keeping me motivated, on track and with sending me delicious recipes I could make within the program.

I’ve just finished my 30 days and not only did I lose 5kg’s (which is a lot for my size) I have heaps more energy and clarity.

I’m not stopping here, I’ll be continuing as a lifestyle choice; I'm so much more mindful of what I put into my body. It really wasn’t a difficult thing to do. I never felt hungry or uncomfortable, it’s not a ‘diet’ as such but a change in thinking to be more conscious of what goes into your body.

I would highly recommend it. Even if it’s just to help you kick a sugar habit, or drink less coffee, or lose a little bit of weight! My advice is just start, you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.
Chloe Snaith
I have just finished my 30 days to Health Living Challenge and am 4kg down. I went into the challenge feeling sceptical and unsure. I had tried ALL diets but always avoided diets with shakes and supplements. However I turned to a friend for help, she had done the challenge with fantastic results. I also spoke to Lee-anne Mendel who gave me more information and advice about the programme and decided to give it a go.

Throughout the 30days Lee-anne was incredibly supportive and informative. I quickly found the challenge to not be a restrictive diet but rather a healthier way of eating and very easy and doable.

I have by no means been perfect... I still eat out often and have the odd glass of wine! But today 4 kgs down I feel great and am doing another 30 day challenge. This time with my son and sister 🙏💗

Thanks to Lee-Anne and Arbonne!
Daelene K
The 30-Day Program has been a real eye-opening experience. It has allowed me to alter my eating habit in a way that was both very easy and much better for me in the long run. Initially, I was concerned about how the meals and the quantity of food may affect how I feel during the day and thus effected how I performed, seeing I did this during my HSC exams. But none of that was a problem. All the substitutions provided in the program was probably my favourite part of the program as it made it very easy to change my eating habits. I think the 30-day program was overall fantastic and was very happy I took the leap and tried it out.
Was pleased to hear about the Arbonne 30 Day program as I had done a similar program 9 years ago and felt amazing after. I felt I wasn’t feeling my best and thought the Arbonne Program could give my body the reset it desperately needed. Prior to doing the program I was feeling bloated, sluggish and felt my body needed some help to reset itself so I could feel good again. Well, after doing the 30 program the bloat is gone, I have regained my energy and I lost 3kgs. I have kept going with the healthy eating and lifestyle changes I put in place during the program and hope to see further benefits and time goes on. I would definitely recommend this program to others. I felt the Arbonne 30 day program gave my body the push it needed to reset and move on feeling healthier.
Tiffany Palmer
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