The definition of wellbeing is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity and includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction and a sense of meaning and purpose.

It’s holistic – mind body and soul. Physical, Emotional, Social, Mental, Economic, Spiritual and feeding our body with whole foods and nutrients.

In order to achieve what you desire in life, you need all these elements to be in synergy; your overall health and wellness is determined by having all these in sync.

What are you doing every day for YOU? We have to BE MORE FIRST before we can DO MORE and then we will be able to GIVE MORE and RECEIVE.

Some holistic daily practises to nurture wellbeing include:

You can be eating the right foods and using clean chemical-free products and even doing daily exercise but if your mind is not in good shape your overall wellbeing will suffer. Mindset is an absolute key to keeping you on track and its something I have learned that you have to work on every day. We need to protect our vision, our dreams, and our mind from others who will try sabotage these from us. Do not allow other opinions to stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Others opinions of you are none of your business. Nobody who has been more successful than you will ever stand in your way of being a success. There is always going to be people who want to stop you living your best life the secret is not to be one of these people. You have a choice every day to either be a victim or be victorious. Have the courage to vulnerable.

Go within for the answers thru daily meditation. I never used to meditate and in fact I found it so hard to stop my mind and always needed to fill me day with things to do to feel like I was fulfilled. When I started giving mediation at go, I had to make myself sit down with an alarm clock for 5 min then 10 min so I could learn how to quite my mind. I committed to doing it every morning when I woke up before I got out of bed or touched my phone. With daily practice my mind got stronger and within time I was able to experience a silence and joy that I never imagined possible. The key is commitment to daily practice and commitment means consistency and a willingness to put in the effort. It applies to whatever you want to achieve in life you need commitment, consistency and a willingness to do it. As Matt Kahn says “the more consistent we are in our practices, the more we are able to commit ourselves to the giving and receiving of love”

After meditation, words would come to me; energy would flow thru me; I would feel free and light. I would think of something on my heart and just let that thought go and in moments answers would be received and the best part was discovering my innate gift of poetry. I never thought I could write was average at English at school yet after meditating I found myself journaling for pages and pages and making poems like my soul was singing the words to me. The reason why I share all of this as meditation can be misunderstood for those that have never tried it or say they are too busy to give it the time. Meditation practice is up there as such an important part of overall general wellbeing. Our mind controls our body and our breathe controls our mind.

Here are two of my writings that show you glimpse into my soul.
“Complete and Happy, mindful of my surroundings, drenching myself in love & kindness, nothing standing my way, all of me, here present, complete. With a vision that grows even bigger, so I can see clearly now, something has left inside of me. My spirit is strong, I am bold, this is me. Standing in my radiant energy & light I rise and by so doing I celebrate. I am love. Look at me glow.”
Lee-Anne Mendel written on 2/2/19
” I am a temple of joy, free and bold, standing here releasing all of me to thee. Bright and happy in this wave of life. Trusting that what I desire is on its way. Bold bright beautiful, let it stay “
Lee-Anne Mendel written on 28/3/19
I believe whole heartedly to always be true to the authentic you, shine bright from the inside, don’t dim your light, you are a gift – unique and beautiful.

Self-love and acceptance are a big topic and something I have worked on a lot and continue to do so.  Your wellbeing will be determined a lot by these two things and learning how to master this will allow you to give more to others.  “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are”– Brene Brown.

Wellbeing is something we need to be working on every day from making better choices from the food we are eating to who we are surrounding ourselves with, working on our mind, staying spiritually connected and nurturing our body with love and respect.  How we choose to show up every day and respond to others, to situations and experiences is a choice.  Everything is here to help us to grow, learn and for our own souls’ expansion for the greater wellbeing of all mankind.

Be mindful of what you say to yourself.  Negative self-talk is not healthy. We are all busy, with so many distractions that we often forget to put ourselves first! Whether you are single parent, working several jobs, working full time, a full-time mum or dad or business owner or retired we all have the same amount of time in our day.  Its important to make the time for wellbeing and self-care.  What has worked for me has been to get better at creating boundaries for “me time” and sticking to it, making an appointment for myself in my diary that is scheduled in and I will not cancel.  By seeing to your own self needs first we can fill our cup and, in this way, easily give more to others and become the better version of ourselves. 

wellbeing outdoors

I am a believer that once your soul is aligned to the divine and you find your purpose, spirit will flow through you and everything becomes effortless.  Being present in the moment, as Wayne Dyer said “the past is history and the future is a mystery, the present is a gift”

Being present in the moment allows you to live in the moment.

Be grateful for what you have and appreciative of it every day.  Find gratitude in the little things.

Focus on what you want not what you don’t want. 

Be open to everything and attached to nothing.

Success is the journey not the destination.

Wellbeing starts with the intention.

Commit to daily practices to create clarity and focus in your life.

Breathe it’s the only free thing we have, nurture your soul with the things that make you feel alive!  There is beauty all around us, just take a moment to stop, breathe, open your eyes, listen and be.

Love and Connection for self, for others and the universe.



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